sicherheitVC provides safety & security

Aviation is a very crisis-prone business - whether it is a terrorist attack, economic downturn or pandemic, our employers are usually among the first to feel any impact and their business is disproportionately at risk. At peak, we have seen bookings drop by more than 95% since February 2020.

tarifpolitikCollective bargaining policy

There are great challenges ahead for our collective bargaining committees: The highest priority must be to protect employment relationships. The next step is to find long-term solutions for adequate conditions under changing circumstances.

droneUAS / Automation

Unmanned aerial vehicles, often called "drones", will become increasingly relevant in the coming years. The applications targeted by the industry range from the "extended selfie stick" to parcel deliveries and the transport of blood reserves between hospitals. Even the use as an air taxi to transport passengers is in preparation.

singlepilotSingle Pilot Operation

When we mentioned further challenges with massive potential for turmoil in the introduction, this is exactly what we mean. In the coming years, the pressure for further productivity increases will be found right here!

international International orientation

Today, a large part of the political decisions affecting our professional environment are made in Brussels and no longer in Berlin. However, since we want to continue to influence these decisions in our favour, it is essential that we continue to actively support our European umbrella organisation ECA (European Cockpit Association).

flugschuleYoung pilots

Our industry will continue to need well-trained pilots in the future - it simply won't work without us! But the way to get there is seen differently.

sesSingle European Sky (SES)

After years of stagnation, the EU Commission is now starting to get impatient: regardless of the airline bosses' fantasies about a completely privatised and liberalised air traffic control, Brussels finally wants to see progress!

faircompetitionFair Competition

The new version of EU Regulation 1008/2008, which serves as the basis for our EU-wide liberalised air transport market, also offers a rare opportunity to exert direct influence in the interests of our members.


One of EASA's key messages is that our industry must demonstrate that all future steps will achieve the same or a higher level of safety. Interoperability will be the proving ground for this. Isn't the only objective here to make our labour market even more flexible?

klimaClimate crisis

This is an issue that hardly any industry will be able to escape in the coming years - certainly not aviation! We will probably witness a surge of innovation in our industry, towards new fuels and forms of propulsion.

cabinairCabin Air Quality

This topic has become more and more emotionally charged in recent years. Our goal is to ensure a clear factualisation of the issue on the basis of scientific findings.

nextgenVC NextGen

Of course, we stand by the processes initiated by the current VC board and will ensure timely implementation of the results.

trainingPilot Training

The training and education of our future colleagues is no longer seen as a valuable investment in their future responsible work, but as a profit centre.

justcultureJust Culture

Actually, this topic should no longer come up here - the EU Commission already adopted the "European Just Culture Declaration" in 2015.


The Vereinigung Cockpit is not only an employee representation, but also an employer at the same time. In these difficult times, our employees have similar needs and fears as we do!